Baolin Temple

    From the First built in the first year of Guangtian Emperor in Nanhan Dynasty (A.D. 942) till now, Baolin Temple has lasted a period of more than 1,000 years. Since Shunde County was established, When the Nation’s Ceremony of royal edicts come, the local monks and abbots gathered in the Grand Hall to make a pilgrimage .As the bethel of Buddhism, the temple attracted lots of Buddhists and tourist. There is a saying that it is "Baolin came into this world earlier than Shunde." In 1996, the old temple was moved and rebuilt on the Taiping Hill due to a bad state of disrepair. On Oct. 11, 1998, the opening ceremony of the new temple was performed. 
    The new one covers an area of 120,000 square meters with two hills surrounded, and the main structures are the imitation architecture of Song and Ming Dynasties. 
    The three figures of Buddha were carved from camphor and foiled exterior. And 500 Arhats with gold foil were carved by skilled craftsmen too. The temple is divided into three parts, the excursion center, the devoutness center and the completing set center. It is known to be the largest one in Guangdong.