Qinghui Garden

    Qinghui garden was one of the four famous gardens of Guangdong in Qing Dynasty. It is situated at the side of Qinghui Road, Daliang. It is a provincial preservation of cultural relics .The original owner of the garden was Mr. Huang Shijun, a No. 1 Scholar (the title conferred on one who came first in the highest imperial examination) in Ming Dynasty. Afterward, Mr. Long Yingshi, a Jinshi (the successful candidate in the highest imperial examination) bought the garden, under the aborative constructive of the Long's generations, the structure of the garden was formed. 
    Later, its total area was enlarged to 22,000 square meters. Inside the garden, the elegant scenery mixed with blue water, green trees, engraved windows, rock hills, small bridges, winding corridors join the pavilions etc. The great sight spots are: Boat Hall, Bixi Thatched Cottage, Clear Riffle Pavilion, Time Saving Study, Bamboo Garden, Guiji Room, Fine Calligraphy Hall, Red Lotus Study, Feilai Peak, Muying Gully and Liuxiang Hall etc. Its reveals the typical features of ancient Chinese courtyard dark green tree leaves cover the boles, the engraving, painting and fancy artworks for decoration are everywhere.