Desheng Square

    Desheng Square locates in front of Shunde Government's Office Building, which was started to build in Jan.2001 and was completed for putting into use in Mar.2002 with total construction land of 354,000sq.m, construction area of 127,000 sq.m, and afforestation area of 215,000sq.m. Its afforestation rate reaches 55.9% with a parking lot area of 69,800 sq.m. and over 1,940 power-driven vehicles can be parked there at the same time.
    The plan and design of Desheng Square follows the rule of scientific plan, expert expounding and proving, result announced to the public, democratic appraise through discussion, expert having final say, and the plan of Construction College of South China Engineering University was approved as tendered plan and was made further deepening and improvement based on the original design. Overall arrangement of Desheng Square adopts the method of changing integrity into part, and carries out organic link of square area, administrative area with culture area and recreational area through sightseeing corridor, air corridor, building, etc.