Bijiang Golden Building


    The Golden Building locates in Bijiang, Beijiao, Shunde. It has been built for several hundred years with the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The building complex, integrated with the function of house, temple, classroom, study and garden, is composed of Mud Building Zhifangdi, Golden Building, Southern Hill Temple, Dragon View Door, Yiyuyishu, Mutong Temple, Grand brick Carving Wall and Sanxing Big House. It remains Gandalei or mud wall, shell wall and fine craft brick wall and Hu' ersha wall and so on with architectural style of South China.
    The building complex shows completely the culture feature of ancient architecture in Pearl River and the houses of high rank officials and businessmen .The most attractive part is the golden building, namely, Fuhe Building. The building is decorated by Fine woodcarving. All seven ancient buildings, belonged to the cultural relic preservation unit of Guangdong Province, have been completed in reconstruction.