Chencun Flowers World


    The Flowers World locates in Chencun town with a long history of flower planting and is well known as flower hometown. The Fifth-session Chinese Flower Expo was held here.
    The Flowers World is flower exchange center integrating the functions of production, sales, scientific research, information, exposition and travel, whose total planned area is 10,000mu. Since it was begun to build in Mar.1998, and 5,000mu has been developed out.
    Total 430 million Yuan from all sides have been introduced here and 283 flower enterprises from 10 states and regions such as USA, France, Korea, Thailand, Philippine, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc as well as 14 provinces and cities and autonomous regions set up the organizations for flower production, development and sales in the Flowers World. At present, there are 303 enterprises in the Flowers World, its flower exchange volume in 2003 exceeded 100 million yuan and it has become one of the largest flower planting bases and flower exchange markets. The Flowers World adopts the operation way of government providing with equipment and merchants operating, which offers flower enterprises at home and abroad with excellent infrastructure, complete fittings, convenient financial, quarantine, import and export etc. other services.