Xishan Temple

    Xishan Temple locates on the eastern foot of Feng Mountain (also called Xi Mountain), Daliang with its original name called Guandi Temple and it was firstly built in the 20th year of Jiajing, Ming Dynasty (1541). The whole temple was built leaning on the mountain, was repaired and extended for many times and its current pattern was the repaired one in Guangxu, Qing Dynasty, and it covers 4,800sq.m with a construction area of 3,700sq.m.
    The front building is the gate that connecting with front hall, and the façade is of arched door pattern with three correlated door, looking very lofty and spacious. On both sides of arched door are Quzhou-style doors on the right and left with corridor leading to rear mountain formerly. The rear is main temple, towering over 10-step stone stairs. Inside and outside the temple are there many brick carvings, lime carvings, wall paintings and painted pottery sculptures. In 1985, the county government allocated funds to repair the temple and now it is a cultural relic protection unit in Shunde.