New Century Agriculture Park

       New Century Agriculture Park was begun to build in Jul.1997 and located in Longjiang Ganzhutan, Shunde with total planned area of 2,600mu, which is to be carried out for three phases. At present, the first-phase development of 1,200mu has been completed with the investment over RMB100 million Yuan. The completed land reserve that is auxiliary with municipality facilities totals about 834mu, which is for the development and operation of holiday villa, apartment and other real estate. In 2000, the company geared from construction to common operation, and its operation income in 2001 summed up to RMB12.1 million yuan .
    New Century Agriculture Park is not only a high-value agricultural base but also a resort area integrating the functions of spending on holidays, scientific popularization, education, tourism and entertainment. Inside the park are there the largest Chinese sturgeon (state's grade 1 protection animal) aquaculture & research base in the province and Xijiang-system quality fish breeding and incubation base. In addition, inside the park are there agriculture planting, aquaculture area including exotic flower and rare fruit park, mulberry-surrounded fish pond, silkworm house and butterfly room, sturgeon building, fresh water fish building, etc; as well as holiday hotel and a variety of entertainment facilities such as fishing, barbecue, Karaoke, billiards, open wine bar and other  entertainment items.





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