Ganzhu Beach

    Ganzhu Beach is located at the Right Beach of Xingtan and it's known for the running-through Ganzhu stream. 
    In the period of Kangxi and Yongzheng, Qing Dynasty, Ganzhu Beach was taken as one of the eight views in the county by refined scholars, and Zi Wei, the magistrate of the county at that time, had ever indited poems to praise it. Ganzhu Hongchao Power Station, set up from January 1971 to March 1974, stretches across the beach, and an artificial river ship lock is on the right. In the south of the beach, the Ancestral Temple of Family Huang is at the foot of Elephant Mountain, which is to be built into a Number One Scholar Culture Exhibitions, so it will become historical and cultural attractions with Ganzhu Beach. 



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