South China Wisdom Valley
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    South China Wisdom Valley plays an important role in the industrial transformation and city upgrading of Shunde District. It is also a key development project jointly built by Guangdong Province and Shunde District and awarded Shunde National S&T Service Industrialization Base for Modern Service Industry by the Ministry of Science and Technology. South China Wisdom Valley has been included in the key development projects listed in the 12th Five-Year Plan of Shunde District, Top 500 Modern Industrial Projects of Guangdong Province, and Three-Year Action Plan for Foshan City Upgrading. It will give priority to R&D-centered producer services by means of city-industry integration and strive to become an innovation center and urban S&T complex in the Pearl River Delta in three to five years. It will recruit top-level talents, attract more technologies that provide services for mankind, meet needs of business restructuring and upgrading, and give full play to high-end services such as design so as to help optimize industrial structure in Shunde and change the economic development model. In doing so, it will be a well-known S&T innovation center integrating entrepreneurship, work, life and leisure.
    South China Wisdom Valley is composed of central district and featured parks. The central district includes three sections and one park (Section A, B and C, and incubator park), covering an area of about 7.5 km2. Featured parks consist of nine parks including Guangdong Industrial Design City.

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