Triumphant progress made on Foshan Metro Line 3
Time:2022-06-15     Source:Foshan China

This week, new progress has been announced on Foshan Metro Line 3. Let's have a look. At Dadun Station, furnishing has now been wrapped up. From the pictures released by Foshan Metro, we can see the overall interior design of this brand-new line. On June 12, track-laying work from Beijing Park Station to Gao Village Station, the last section on Metro Line 3, has been finished and marked a full rail transit as for the Metro Line 3 (Phase I) construction.

metro 3.png

Overall, Metro Line 3 (Phase I) includes 22 stations, spanning from Shunde Station (formerly named as Shunde College Station) in the south to Zhen'an Station in the north.

metro 3 111.png

metro 3 2222.png

So far, station facility installation and furnishing have been running in smooth process, of which 93.42% has been done. 22 stations have all been inbuilt with 400V electricity. 4 battery engineering vehicles and 27 electric passenger cars have gone through the factory inspection. 21 trains have been shipped to Metro Line 3 (Phase I). As planned, the line will be put on trial operation within this year.

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